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Classroom Environment


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Professional Responsibilities


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Domain Evidence

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2: Classroom Climate Reflection

Seminar writing assignment #2; Classroom Climate Reflection


2a: Get to Know You Sheet

Sheet given at the beginning of the year reveals crucial information. This student was able (and felt comfortable) to tell me they were trans because of this sheet. That info is not stored within the gradebook system. 

InkedGet to know you sheet_LI.jpg

2b/c/e: Seating Chart & Lab Groups

A great deal of thought went into creating the seating chart. Students were grouped into clusters that had one high performing student within in order to foster a collaborative learning environment. This way the students can then support each other in their lab group clusters simply by turning their desks After the first or second lab, they had already mastered the "lab day" procedures/norms. 


2b: Feedback on Assesments

I always give feedback on assessments, not just a grade. Below is a photo of feedback I gave to a student on their lab even though they got the question correct. 


2c: School Handbook

In order to be better equipped to manage student behavior, I studied the school handbook before I arrived for staff week at the beginning of the year. 


2a: Names

A considerable effort was made to learn every students' name. This is an extra difficult task considering my ADD. 

I also included names of students within test questions as a nod to the students. I even made sure to have three customized ones for each of the three periods. Names are changed below. 

test names.JPG

2a: Gender Neutral Pronouns

Because of my Trans and Gender Fluid Students, [almost] all of my practice problems are gender neutral. This also supports normalizing women in STEM because the example problems can not possibly then skewed towards male names. 

test names.JPG

2c: Peer Tutoring Promotion

During Parent-Teacher Conferences, i would ask the parents of high performing students to “lobby” their student to become a peer tutor. Supporting the peer tutoring system added to the collaborative learning environment of the while school. It created a potential sharing of talents/knowledge for the good of the whole. 


2c: Daily Norms

Students can always rely on the class to follow the established pattern;

1) Warmup, HW Check, Atten. 

2) Go Over Warmup 

3) Goals, Announcements, 2 Week Look-Ahead
4) Assign New HW 
5) Go Over Old HW

6) Direct Instruction 
7) Practice Problems


2c: Modeling Collaboration and Professionalism

My Mentor Teacher and I modeled cooperation from day 1. We always display the utmost respect, even kinship towards each other. The students then pick this up like the sponges they are and asymilate these behaviors for their own relationships, especially how they interact with us and eachother in our class. 

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