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Domain 1

Planning and Preparation


Domain 2

Classroom Environment


Domain 3



Domain 4

Professional Responsibilities


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Domain Evidence

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3: Lesson Reflection

Seminar writing assignment #3; Lesson Plan Reflection



All lab assignments include multiple sets of directions in multiple places. I explain verbally what I expect of students, but also include the highlights projected on the smartboard and printed on the lab sheets. This differentiation of instruction leaves little room for confusion or misconceptions. 


3c: Warmup

My implementation of a daily warm up question engages students thinking for the day, allows me to check for understanding, and provides transition from one period to another. In some cases, the conceptual warm up question then transforms into a longer problem that becomes the focus of direct instruction periods, as shown below with the water bottle question (will be used on 12/6 as a long review problem).

water bottle.JPG

3e: Reflective Notes on Documents

No matter what document I am currently working with/on, I am always taking notes on it for future improvements. This is an example from a test. This occurs for both short term and long term documents, such as test or the powerpoint slides. Changes are made as soon a possible, and can improve the lessons when mistakes or omission are discovered during first period. I appreciate 1st periods respect for me when they present corrections, also a sign of our classroom culture (D2)

test 2 notes.JPG

3: Study of Student Achievement


3b: PDP 430 Feedback

As indicated by my Site Director, the student are often eager to join the discussion, and I do not accept one or two word answers. As my routines become even more codified, so too does the depth and higher order thinking elicited from discussions. 

MAH comments.JPG

3d: Assessment

During Instruction

Vetor Homework -> Vector Lab -> Vector Test


3d: Self Reflection

Most labs, as an effort to encourage collaboration between students (as opposed to "divide and conquer") I have asked students to submit what they feel is the best lab worksheet. This requires them to think critically about their own work and gives me insights into what work they currently assign value to. This is an incredibly hard soft skill to teach in science. 

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