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Teaching Philosophy

My approach to teaching is quite simple; all are welcome without exception. Learning does not take place in a vacuum. Students bring with them their personality, culture, traditions, history, faith, passion, fear, joy, and so much more. Students are invited to fully be themselves in my classroom. No topic is off-limits, and no secrete identities kept hidden. Kindly leave your masks at the door. My classroom is a temple, not to academic achievement, but to learning and personal growth. I hold these things sacred. All students have a fundamental right to be in control of their own selves. While I encourage participation to the fullest extent in as many avenues as possible, I will never require a student to do something they do not want to do. I believe in equity and fairness in evaluation. Students have strengths, weaknesses, and different levels of ability. They will always be afforded the grace to demonstrate learning in alternative ways when possible. Students are asked to question everything, including me. Emdin, “Rules of Engagement

P. Isaac Quelly


Secondary Physics, PA


Conference Presentations


Drexel University, College of Engineering, BS Architectural Engineering, Class of 2019

Teaching Program: 

DragonsTeach, a UTeach replication site

Two-Time First Place Poster Presentation, UTeach Institute National Conferences, Austin TX, 2016, 2017

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