Domain 1

Planning and Preparation


Domain 2

Classroom Environment


Domain 3



Domain 4

Professional Responsibilities


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Domain Evidence

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4a: Reflective Notes on Documents

No matter what document I am currently working with/on, i am always taking notes on it for future improvements. This is an example from a test. 

test 2 notes.JPG

4a: Mentor Teacher Debriefs

After almost every lesson, my mentor teacher and i debrief about how the lesson went. Most of the time there are then changes that get made to the powerpoint slides. 

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4b: Video Release Records

I was incredibly proactive creating, distributing, collecting, and cataloging student video slips. They were all returned to me before semar even started. 


4d: Chaperone Trip to The Franklin Institute

This was a trip that some of my students went on. 


4d: Chaperone Trip to Saylor Grove

This was a trip that the department chair took her students on, and I helped chaperone. In the middle of the trip, my old supervisor at PWD came to the site and gave my students a brief talk about the ecology of the pond and how it was constructed. 

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4c: Halloween 

I joined my Mentor Teacher in the Halloween Costume Contest where I was asked to be on the judges panel. 


4e: PRNP Scholar

Joined the Philadelphia Regional Noyce Scholar Program to learn about sustainability and cultural responsibility. 


4f: Meeting With Students

Stayed after school and gave up lunch periods to work with students who asked for extra help at least two times a week. 

Math Homework

4a:Lesson Analysis

Seminar writing assignment #1; Leson Analysis


4b/c: Infinite Campus Upto Date

Infinite Campus, the District's gradebook software, is kept up to date. Occasionally, I will go in and create or grade assignments and surprise my Mentor Teacher at how prompt I was. 


4c: Parent Teacher Conferences

Not only was I present for parent-teacher conferences, I lead some of them. I used that opportunity to ask that the parents or guardians of higher-performing students become peer tutors in the science department's tutoring program. Unprompted, I exported sets of student names for each period and made space for notes for before and after conferences were held. This demonstrated to parents how seriously I took meeting with them, as well as created a record of things to follow up anout for me later on. 


4d: D&D Cub

I joined my Mentor Teacher as he lead his students on several D&D adventures


4e: Passed Praxis

I took and passed the praxis with a score of 159, 19 points higher than required for certification. 

Teacher Helping Student

4c: Faculty Social Event

Not only were the other teachers supportive professionally, but i would call them my friends. We genuinely enjoyed each other's company. This photo was taken after we completed an escape room after a staff PD in September. 


4f: School Procedures & Culture

Successfully navigated two lockdowns (one real and one drill), 3 fire drills, and adhered to the rest of the school handbook and safety policies. Notes take on school handbook before starting on day one. 


4d/f:Peer Observation Program

I participated in the Science Department's Peer Observation program. I invited the other physics teacher we share a room with, as well as the Science Department Chair. They were both impressed with my progress. I received many compliments from them and other staff. On one occasion, one peer said "you are one of the better ones", which was high praise coming from them.